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Hi everyone! Wondering if anyone has any info about the CSULB masters SLP program (schedule, teachers, externships, reviews...etc). I am trying to decide between there and another school and have found very little on the program! Thank you in advanced! :)

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Hi! I accepted my offer at CSULB and found out that our classes for next semester are SLP 663, 665, 667, and 696. The schedule is basically all morning/early afternoon classes:

Mon: 9-11:45 SLP 696- Research Methods: applied and basic (Alani)
Tues: 9:30-12:15 SLP 663- Preschool Language Disorders (Sun)
Wed: 9-11:45 SLP 667- Autism Spectrum Disorders (Ocampo)
Thurs: 9:30-12:30 SLP 665- Aphasia/Neurogenic (Hung)

I have no idea what the clinic schedule is though! I accepted because the reviews that I heard from their own students, students that didn't get in (and wished they did), and people working in the field were glowing. Plus being from CA and getting that 3/4 tuition grant helped a lot :) The teachers seemed cool at the interviews.




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