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Are ASHA program stats reliable?

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I have noticed some big discrepancies between the admissions statistics that programs list on their own websites and the stats that the ASHA EdFind tool lists. Does anyone know how up to date or reliable the EdFind tool is?

For example, Teacher's College, Columbia's website says, "In recent years, we have received approximately 800 applications each year. We have an acceptance rate of approximately 15%." ASHA's page on Teacher's College, Columbia, says they had 481 applicants and offered admission to 202 applicants, which would be a much higher acceptance rate.

MGH's website says, "We typically receive between 400 and 500 applications each year. We accept about one-third of applicants to achieve a class size of about 60 students." ASHA's EdFind tool says MGH received 413 applications and accepted 225. Not as far off as Columbia, but still a substantially higher acceptance rate.

Anyone know what's up?

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You have to keep in mind about the second one, MGH's actual website is saying that they want to aim for a class size of 60 students, but Edfind is saying that they accept 225 people. These are different things because no everyone accepts their offer, so class size is probably around 60 students for them. The first one, I'm not sure, so as the person above said I wouldn't take either of them has a strict guideline or anything. 

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I would think that what is found on EdFind is probably most accurate as this is data they are reporting to ASHA. Data or general comments on a school's website may have somewhat of marketing slant and may not get updated frequently.

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