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How to pay for grad school with scholarships, graduate assistantship etc?

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Hello all,

I will be attending George Washington University this coming Fall and I am looking into scholarships and other ways to pay for the tuition & books other than with student loans. I was offered an award to reduce the cost of attending GWU for the first year. Any suggestions on what you may have done? Even for those who did not attend or who are not planning on attending GWU your recommendations are appreciated. 

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UPS has a tuition reimbursement program that I've used to pay for most of my leveling classes. They offer up to 5k/year for PT package handlers and it's available from the time you start (if you're at an eligible location). You can also get health insurance after 10 (or 12?) months. It might be too much with grad school though. 

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GWU is a private university. So even though they are offering you an "award package" to "offset" the cost of just the FIRST year, you have to keep in mind you're paying double if not triple the cost compared to a program at a public university. The SLP program at this school is 42 credits, each credit costs $1, 825. You're looking at $76, 650 for tuition alone not including fees, books, cost of living (rent/food/transportation). It depends on how much their award package is... I personally wouldn't look twice at a program with a cost like this, that's almost $2000 per credit, but I think it's great you got in it's just something to keep in mind. If you are dead set on attending that program just be aware that private schools usually offer these "packages" because their cost are ultra inflated anyway. It's like someone hiking the price on a purse and telling you it's 50% off but the cost is still $2000. Are you really getting an actual deal at the end of the day? Probably not. It's almost criminal what these private universities charge especially for a career in SLP. I strongly suggest you consider other programs that for the same exact degree, will not give you a lifetime of student loan payments. If you got into this school, chances are you can get in anywhere else for half the cost! America has a huge student loan crisis, if you feel this program is right for you and are not concerned about the cost then go for it by all means. But a quick google search brings up "If you want to pay off $80,000 in student loan debt in 20 years, you will need to pay $573 per month, for a total cost of $137,760". I think it's important to also do your due diligence, with $80K that would cover tuition AND living expenses/books etc at any public university in America. 

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