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Potential New Travel Ban to U.S. Could Be Imminent

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Looks like an executive order to halt travel to U.S. will be enacted soon, with no end date proposed, similar to the one arbitrarily enacted against some Muslim countries in Jan. 2017. This would be a more permanent measure than the current visa processing hiatus at consulates around the world. It could seriously upend international student enrollment, and hinder the overall graduate school experience that benefits immensely from diverse, global views and voices. If you haven’t deferred yet, definitely recommend doing so if possible.


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Ordinarily I would say yes, but this just adds to the many variables admitted students are facing, most of which have to decide where to go in the next week. Many people are making life-changing decisions without anything close to a semblance of the “full picture”.

I would be very apprehensive to take out some loans to go to a school with so many question marks in the air, including if they won’t go back to processing visas/resuming normal travel in the coming months.

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