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PhD in Clinical Psychology vs. Master's in Mental Health Counseling

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Hello! I am practically new to this website, and have a few questions and concerns. I have two bachelor's degrees: one in Psychology, the other in History and Jewish Studies with a minor in English Literature, which I will earn this May. I also pursued master's-level coursework in conjunction with five months of neuroscience research; however, that was cut short because of my grandmother's death (she provided emotional and financial support). Regrettably, due to personal and serious health problems (I have a disability), my cumulative gpa for my first degree was a 3.32, but my cumulative gpa for my second degree is a 3.89. I took the GREs years ago so I must take them again but I did score well when I took them the first time. As for counseling experience, I do not have much, unfortunately. I have volunteered but in a short-term capacity and at various organizations/establishments. I have also worked at the New York State Psychiatric Institute but as a medical office assistant; likewise for employment affiliated with hospitals. However, I spoke with my professor—who earned acceptance to several PhD programs in clinical psychology—and she thinks I should apply. With respect to mental health counseling programs, I am specifically looking at Hunter College and The City College of New York. As a previous poster admitted, once COVID-19, I, like her, could no longer pursue volunteer work in the manner I intended. I also doubt I would be a suitable candidate for doctoral programs in clinical psychology, especially amidst all of the problems I have experienced (e.g., I was nearly homeless recently). What do you think about my chances with respect to both doctoral and master's programs? Please inform me with any suggestions or ideas that you may have. Many thanks! — Joyce

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