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Hello All,

I’ve submitted my application to their program on 04/09/2020, and received my waitlist status on 04/23/2020. I’am supposed to hear back by 4/15 regarding my application. 

I’ve sent a confirmation of interest letter to both the admissions office and the dean. 

I’ve never thought that I would be considered for admissions at an Ivy League. So I’m still in a little shock. I’m also worried.

For anyone that was waitlisted and had an additional three weeks for an answer, how did you cope or distract yourselves? 

A little about me...
The reality is that I never thought I’d be a college student (I’ve completed both my bachelors and masters, GPA is a high B). My volunteer work is almost a page long, and I’ve even founded a charity that had raised $1,000.00 for a high school student. 

My confidence as a student came from the completion of my degrees. However the Big Ivy League status still intimidates next. Kind of like the socially awkward kid asking the cool kids to accept them? Sounds corny, but it’s true. 

Any words of encouragement would be great. 

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