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2021 Biology PhD Admissions Results

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Hello all,  I am a recent admit to a neuroscience PhD program at the University of Oregon.  I have made a google drive with resources for those applying or interested in graduate school. Par

Wasn't planning on applying to Penn, but they just announced all their Arts and Sciences PhD programs are not accepting applications this cycle

I'm happy to give people feedback on application profiles as well as strategies I might suggest for how to strengthen weaknesses thereof. Also can give perspectives on Stanford biosciences - I do

On 9/18/2020 at 2:01 PM, Neuromantic said:

But is the Molec / Neuro /etc. program thru A&S, or is it thru the med school? Perhaps it's both?

Perhaps both? I’ve now heard some programs such as physics are still accepting students but some are not. Best to email the program!!!

(Sorry if this ends up being wrong for some programs and scared people)

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