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Hello all! I'm interested in applying for an MS in Biostatistics (Fall 2021) but am having trouble finding admissions data so I was wondering what you all thought about my application profile and how much of a chance I stood at the schools I'm interested in. Here's my profile:

Undergrad Institution: The College of William and Mary 

Undergrad Major: B.S. Self-designed major called Epidemiology & Biostatistics 

GPA: 3.80

Relevant Courses:

Math: Calc I and II, Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, Prob. and Stat. for Scientist, Statistical Data Analysis

Biology: 2 Semesters of intro bio, Biostatistics, and Quantitative Biology

CompSci: Programming for Data Science

Health Science: Foundations of Epidemiology, Public Health, Human Physiology, and Microbes in Human Disease

GRE General: V/Q/A: 157/160/4

Programs Applying: Biostatistics MS at.. Emory, George Washington, Georgetown, Columbia, Brown, and Yale

Research Experience: 4 years in undergraduate psychology research lab

Teaching Experience: TA for Foundations of Epidemiology (1 semester), TA for Intro to Biostatistics (1 semester), and Library tutor for Calc I and II (2 semesters)

Public Health Experience: 90h internship at my local health department, 70h volunteering at my local free clinic, and 30h shadowing surgeons (not sure if this is relevant enough to put on my applications)

Leadership Experience (not sure if this is relevant either): Co-Fundraising Chair, Vice President, and President of my college choir in successive years

Thanks! Please let me know what you think! Also, I'd love to hear any advice you have on applying in general!

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Your package is really good. If you could improve the GRE quant score that would be perfect. Btw why not Hopkins, Harvard, UNC, Berkeley, etc? You can also aim for PhD, if you are interested...

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I've got almost the exact same profile as you... similar school, major / classes, and grades. IMO and from what I've heard, you'll be competitive on paper. The one thing I've heard mixed things on is the GRE. Personally, I put up a 157/163/5.0 (V/Q/W), and I've heard that it's "good enough" for MS programs, but certainly not going to stand out. My statistician advisor from college is saying not to take it again as it's "good enough."

From what I've gleaned, if the biostats program sits in the mathematics department, they are more likely to have an issue with GRE quant and the lack of real analysis; however, public health schools are a lot more lenient and seem to not really care. At the end of the day, the GRE is just a hurdle you need to clear to even have your app looked at. I'd call some of the admissions offices and ask them about it - they should be transparent. 

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