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MS HCI with a low undergrad GPA. Possible?



I majored in Psychology at a top university in India. My undergrad GPA is low (3.04/4.0). However, I am currently doing some PG work in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to make up for my poor gpa (and a three year undergrad degree). By the time I submit my application, I'll have work exp of about 2 years. 

I want to know how else can I make up for my low GPA, if I want to apply to good HCI programs? Some schools I am looking at are - GTech, UofW, UofMaryland, etc. Do I even stand a chance? 

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I would 100% say it’s possible. In fact, I think that GPA is only a small part of your application. I am an incoming MHCI student and from my experience, I’ve found the most important aspect of your application is Statemnet of Purpose, Letters of Rec, and your experiences in the field or how your experiences in other fields relate/drew you into HCI.

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