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Early Christianity PhD exam reading lists

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Hello! I just finished my third year in my PhD program in early Christian history at UIowa, and I'm preparing for exams in the fall. I am looking for other people to compare reading lists with.

My focus is more of the 2nd-4th centuries, bleeding into Late Antiquity but still more interested in pre-Constantine history. Most of my cohort does Late Antiquity, and the general early Christian history reading list that I inherited from them has more Late Antiquity titles than I think I need. My advisor (who is the only one in the department who focuses on early Christian history) is on sabbatical right now and with the quarantine going on too, he is basically MIA. Sigh. He's given me leave to adjust the list as I want to, but I don't really know what is vital to include in early Xty or what is extraneous in Late Antiquity. I also feel like the list has too much Gnosticism, but again I'm not sure. Maybe that's the norm these days.

My reading iist (in progress) is on Google Docs, and I am happy to share it: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1I67MFqOIxzXs-8hFOSeIVk2xGMMjQmtjoCPWq-sCLBA/edit?usp=sharing The first list is the one I'm looking for input on. The other two I have more of a handle on.

Does anyone in ancient Christianity or ancient Mediterranean religions have a reading list they would be willing to share?

Thank you! Stay safe!

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