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Clinical physiological research jobs with a Bachelors?

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Not sure if this is the right forum to put this in, but my search in the Biology and Medicine forums turned up nothing to my liking.

My question is this: Is it possible to get a decent PRA job in a clinical research position with just a Bachelors?

know someone for whom this was the case, but the job was MUCH more administrative than scientific, and ideally I'd get to do more than just answering phones and coordinating staff schedules. On the same token, I haven't yet had much interest in doing my own experiments (ie. I don't really care to do a master's thesis on my own work - I'd rather just assist in the work of others). I don't mind being an underling! I currently work in two research labs as an undergrad (one studying Sleep, the other studying Neuroscience/Linguistics), but I don't do much more than subject running, recruitment, etc. I like working in data collection, but would like to do more than the same 'trained monkey work' over and over again.

I would love to work in a CTRC or other clinical research environment for a while after graduating with my BA in Physiology (yes, for some reason it's a BA, not a BS). My specific interests are with exercise physiology/physical therapy and public health. Ultimately I think I want to get into International Public Health (most likely MSPH, then some time working, then go back for a PhD if I feel so inclined), but in the mean time I'd love to stay involved in research. At this point I could continue on and get my Masters in Physiology, but I'm not sure it'll be worth my time. I have a lot of loans and therefore a lot of pressure to get out of school and get a decent job.

Any advice? I'll be done next semester (Fall '10) or Spring '11 and then I'm up in the air as to what's next. Ideally a Fulbright (to study public health and buy myself a year to let the economy rebound while I figure things out), then find a job with my BA if possible or go back to school. If anyone has had any experience in physiological or biomedical research and post a little about their experiences, that would be most helpful! Alternately, other people in the same boat feel free to commiserate or share your plans!

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