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Hi all, 

I've been unable to find what the difference is between a Statement of Purpose (SOP) and a Statement of Interest / Statement of Research Interest. I've seen a lot on this forum re: SOPs but does anyone have any advice on writing a standout Statement of Interest? The program I am applying for is requesting a Statement of Interest but does not specify any further than a character limit.

Thanks in advance!

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I'm surprised no one has taken the time to reply to your post! 

Either way, each of my schools are requiring a SOP, but only one of my schools (UCLA) is also requiring a personal statement. From my understanding, a SOI/SOR are synonymous with a SOP. They both address your interests and your research. In some of my schools that I'm applying to, I see that they want a personal statement, but it is basically asking for a SOP.

All in all, I would email the program directly and see what they want. 

P.S. It's funny how when I search "statement of intent for grad school" on Google, most results are about SOPs. I found this specific school's info on a statement of intent, which sounds like a SOP to me...

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