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Pass in physical science requirement on transcript - is this okay?

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My freshman year of undergrad I took physics to fulfill the physical science requirement of the CSD major. On the first test I did very poorly (physics is NOT my strong suit) so I decided to take the course as a pass/no pass so it wouldn't negatively affect my GPA in the long run. Before I officially changed the course to pass/no pass, I contacted my CSD advisor to double check it was okay, and she said it was totally fine to do that.

Fast forward to now, I'm about to start my senior year and I will be applying to schools in the fall. I've seen a lot of people on various websites saying that you actually do need a grade and a pass won't do. Does anyone know if that's true? Does it just depend on each individual school? I'm slightly freaking out because it would really suck if this messed up my chances of getting into schools. I have a 3.81 CSD GPA overall and have done well in all of the major courses (I think it's just the gen-ed requirements for the major that I've gotten B's in), but in all of the actual CSD courses I've gotten A's. What is even more frustrating is that I actually did really well on the next two exams in that physics class and ended up with an A, but since I had already chosen to take the course without a grade it still showed up as a pass. 

I don't know why my advisor would tell me it was fine if it wasn't, she is an advisor for the graduate school too so she should know what she's talking about, but this is still causing me to majorly panic. Should I mention this on my personal statement? I've worked really hard in my undergrad and I would hate if a pass in one class from freshman year would tarnish my application. Ugh. *deep breaths* 

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I'm pretty sure it depends on the school. My graduate program said it's okay for us to take the ASHA science requirements pass/no pass but I know some of the other programs I applied to asked for a letter grade, so I would check with each individual program you're applying to.

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I would check with each individual program! Don't stress. IF push comes to shove, you have time to take it fall or spring semester, I'm assuming. For most schools (always good to double check) you just have to maintain a certain GPA so if you get a C in physics or something you'd be fine since your GPA is so high. Just send schools an email, you'll be alright. Good luck!

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