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How can International students get reference letters from US professors?

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I don't really understood your question.


If you are trying to get a letter from an US-based professor that you don't know, don't do it. I will be very surprised that you will get any reply, much less a recommendation letter.

If  you want to ask to a professor that you know - American or otherwise, but there is no culture of letter of recommendation in your home country,, your situation is simple.  You have to keep in mind that it is only worth to get a letter from a professor that either got the PhD from an American university or it is well-known by American academic community. Any professor that fit any of these criteria is familiar with American's culture of letter of recommendation and it is not going to be an issue . You just have to talk with them that you seek to study in the US and they will understand

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To specify further; letters of recommendation for US phd programs are letters that professors write on behalf of their current or former students. So the student and professor know each other and the professor is able to recommend the student by attesting to their academic performance/ability. So no US professor (and non-US professors as well I presume) will recommend you if they do not know you. You may still be recommended for admission to a program by an admissions committee, but an individual recommendation is a professor's positive assessment of you as capable to performing well in a phd program and become a scholar. Hope that clears it up.

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