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How to approach career change/ Masters IO Psych

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In college I studied economics and have been working the last 3 years as a paralegal and Economics tutor.  I took several (4) statistics courses in college and one intro psych course ( which I got a B in). I did not take any research methods courses.  I am now interested in changing careers and going into industrial/organizational psychology as a Master's student (terminal Master's program). I have done research into schools + found several that I am interested in, but I am a little concerned about my background not being a match (especially since I don't have even a minor in Psych). My undergrad GPA was a 3.4, and I went to a top 20 private university in the US. Some of the programs specify requirements on their websites but some do not or keep it vague (ie. we "recommend" a research methods and I/O psych course).Should I contact the program coordinators where the requirements are not listed and ask about course pre-requisites? Should I include my transcripts when I contact them? I have done that in the past and the program lead said they require a certain number of credit hours in psychology. I am not sure how to best approach this. 

Any advice appreciated!

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Yes, try to contact the grad coordinator for the programs you are interested in and ask.  Many Pysch programs require a set of undergrad psychology classes, including a methods class, prior to admission. You may be able to take those through a local community college between now and next year to fulfill those requirements.

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I would agree that its best to research the programs as best you can and email the coordinators asking specifically about what prerequisites you need. Often they won't pre-assess your eligibility so sending your transcript may not be helpful. But you can ask for a number of credit hours or what courses are required. You could then take these courses as a non-degree/community student at a university or community college to fill the requirements, or may even be able to take them online. 

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