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Overseas Clinical Psych Degree

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I am an American citizen from California with my BA in psychology. I currently live in Melbourne and am considering applying to the Uni of Melbourne for the 4 year combined MA/PhD program in clinical psych, and also the DClinPsych programs in the UK. I really want to study abroad for my grad program, but also don't know where I want to settle long term. I love the idea of studying abroad for grad, but want to make sure my degree isn't useless should I return to California to practice as a psychologist.

I contacted the California state board and many said my degree wouldn't be useless overseas, but they really couldn't tell until I send in my transcripts. At the best case, hopefully I would just have to take some additional courses for my qualifications to be recognized.

I wasn't able to get a direct answer, so wondering if any of you lovely folks have any helpful input? :) 



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