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Hi! Besides CSU San Marcos, I'm looking at CSU East Bay, San Francisco, and Fullerton for graduate school. I'm wondering, for those of you who did the post-bacc at CSU San Marcos, was it enough to be at least conditionally accepted at any other CSU schools? What schools (outside of CSU) where you accepted to? Was it conditional? Did you take any prerequisite (SLP) classes outside of San Marcos?

Also more general question: How did you decipher the prerequisite class names and descriptions? I'm stuck on that. I keep comparing programs and I can't seem to find two programs that completely match in their prerequisites

P.S. I'm aware that CSU East Bay accepts non-majors and Fullerton also has a post-bacc. But I need to choose a suitable post-bacc and San Marcos is open for spring cohort applications. It would be nice to start this spring rather than next fall. Anyway, anything you can tell me will help so much! Even if it's about other post-bacc to grad school successful transitions. 

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