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Industrial Organization Psychology Master's Programs

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This is pretty specialized but hopefully someone can help...rolleyes.gifcool.gifsmile.gif

I am trying to narrow down my list of Master's programs to around 10. I am really looking for Scientist-Practitioner, I/O Balanced, low costs, good faculty, preferably in an urban area for internships, small class sizes, quant/stats heavy, & positive program reputation for the sake of employment opportunities...

Which of these programs should I keep versus eliminate (and why).

* Columbia Teacher's College
* Texas A&M
* Florida Institute of Tech.
*UT Arlington
* UMN Duluth
* Hofstra
* Illinois Tech
* Missouri S&T
* UTC Chattanooga
*George Mason
* Elmhurst
* Middle Tennessee State University
* Missouri State University

* University of West Florida
* East Carolina University 
*Indiana University Indianapolis (Purdue)


** Am I missing any great IO Master's programs that fit my criteria? 

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I would eliminate Columbia, NYU, UMN Duluth and add MSU Mankato to your list. Get rid of the first three because they have terrible and/or poor track records of success for their graduates and add MSU Mankato because their program is well-rounded and affordable. Not sure about the other programs but I know that UTC Chattanooga and George Mason are definitely well-regarded in the field. SDSU isn't exactly affordable but is a great program as well. TAMU has a great PhD program so I would assume the masters is good too.

As far as FIT, UT Arlington, Hofstra, Illinois Tech, Missouri S&T, Akron, Elmhurst, Middle TN, Missouri State, UWF, ECU, and Purdue go, I'd look at the research productivity of their current faculty and track down recent grad students on LinkedIn to see if they're "successful" post-grad.

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I agree with Psychological Yam overall. Esp about the minnesota programs. IUPUI is a great MS program and has one of the best track records in terms of student funding but they do have a diversity science lens. If you have questions about their program feel free to dm me. ☺️

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Also consider the MA program at Montclair State University in NJ! It follows the scientist-practitioner model, it is right next to manhattan, it is reasonably priced, being a public school, it has FANTASTIC faculty, cohorts are typically very small (around 20 students), and if its reputation isn’t already good, it’s about to be, seeing as the school is about to launch its brand new I/O PhD program in the fall with a unique concentration on data science. I am an MA candidate in this program right now and could not speak more highly of it. I’ve never felt so supported by faculty, classmates, and alumni alike. The course material is rigorous and stats-heavy.

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