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Maybe someone has noticed all the post-bacc related questions by me and if you have, I apologize. As of right now I've narrowed down my decision to these two. A lot of people are saying USU is great and I've actually already taken a course with them, but the soonest I can start with them for the 2nd Bachelor's Program is spring cohort. I need to check with USU on when spring cohort ends, but I'm guessing that if I do spring cohort, I can't apply to grad-school for Fall 2021. Anyone have experience with spring cohort? Also I would need to take an Anatomy&Physiology class elsewhere (I know a school that I can do that at). On the other hand Longwood's deadline for fall post-bacc cohort is August 24th which is good! Also they do have an Anatomy&Physiology class. I'm just not sure where people have gotten into (from the schools I'm interested in) after Longwood and if people liked the program. Any thoughts? Experiences? Feel free to inbox me if that is more comfortable for you! Thank you!!! :)

P.S. I'm looking at applying to a lot of the CSUs including Cal State Fullerton as well as Portland State University and a couple of schools in Washington. 

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