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Hello everyone! I'm getting ready to apply for doctoral programs in counseling and clinical psychology (my interests overlap in both fields and is explained in my personal statement) and I'm starting to think about who to ask for my letters of recommendation! I've been a research assistant for about 4 years now and can think of four professors to ask who will be able to provide strong letters of recommendation. However, most applications state to list three recommenders. Would it help to list a fourth? Or should I only submit three? If you would only recommend three, could you help me eliminate someone? I have listed the people I'm thinking about below:

The people I'm thinking of asking are:

1) The professor I was a Lab Coordinator for in Undergrad. He was also my supervisor for my honors thesis. Although I am not published yet, I will be listed as an author on future publications coming from a doctoral student's dissertation.
2) The professor who is currently mentoring my masters thesis. I know him on a really good level and have taken classes with him as well and I am confident he will be able to write a strong letter.
3) A professor who I am a research assistant in a lab with currently. He is famous in his field and offered to write me a letter already
4) The director of the McNair scholars program from my undergraduate institution. I know her on a really good level as well (she mentored my summer research internship project, allowed me to travel to research conferences, and is honestly just a saint)

Thank you so much everyone! I wish you all the best of luck on your upcoming applications, or if you're already in a program, success in your classes and projects! :)

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Insider's Guide advise it is wise to have a backup letter writer if possible (in case one gets busy/ falls through last minute somehow). So if one is willing to act as a backup LOR for you, then you're set. :)  Also some programs do allow an opportunity to include extra materials/documents you feel may strengthen your application. I imagine if that is there, a 4th letter may be okay. Some programs also request a minimum of 3 but will accept up to 5! So it's program dependent, but definitely follow the directions per app.

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