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Political Science and GRE requirements (2021 app. cycle)

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I though it would be useful to compile a list of schools requiring/not requiring GRE scores.

Departments that are requiring the GRE for upcoming December 2020 applicants:

Stanford Department of Political Science

Harvard Department of Government


Departments where submitting the GRE is optional/not required for December 2020 applicants:





Harvard Kennedy School

Ohio State

UChicago (pending a successful hardship claim)

Departments that are not accepting the GRE at all for December 2020 applicants:



Not sure/haven't updated admissions FAQ:






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According to the UMich site, "Due to the current public health crisis, the Political Science Department will not require the GRE for consideration for admission to the Fall 2021 term.  If we choose to reinstate this requirement for Fall 2022 and onward, it will be noted here for that admissions cycle and within the Rackham application system." Shouldn't this be considered to fall under the optional category?


Also, Berkeley is saying that "GRE scores will be considered supplemental materials and not used in the formal evaulation process for the 2021 application cycle," which I find very strange. Why would they accept the scores if they are not going to be used in the formal evaluation process? Does it just mean that they are not going to openly talk about them, but allow members of the committee to review them? Wierd.

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