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U Chicago suspending admissions

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The University of Chicago is suspending admissions to its philosophy program this cycle- does anybody think that other programs will have to follow suit?

More generally, I’d be interested to hear others thoughts on how the admissions cycle this year might be different. Eg, there might be more applicants as a result of students putting off entering the job market, or there might be fewer international applicants to American schools, etc.

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Yes, I expect other programs to follow suit. Just as importantly for applicants, many (if not most) programs that do admit new folks will admit fewer than usual. It will be a rough year for applicants.

I agree with maxhgns' point.

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In all honesty, maybe a very good idea for a reason that might not occur to some: I just started an M.A. program and one thing I'm worried about is securing a part-time job. I specifically worked at a university prior to entering grad school so I'd have a more-or-less easy time getting a standard part-time university office job. That seems highly unlikely now, and I'm unsure of exactly what I'm going to do about it.

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