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NSF GRFP 2020-2021

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Since the new solicitation has already been released, looks like it's time to start a new thread for the upcoming NSF GRFP cycle.

Biggest changes were the identification of specific priority research areas:

n FY2021, GRFP will emphasize three high priority research areas in alignment with NSF goals. These areas are Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Information Science, and Computationally Intensive Research. Applications are encouraged in all disciplines supported by NSF that incorporate these high priority research areas.”

NSF has stated this will not change their review process: https://www.aip.org/fyi/2020/nsf-defends-new-emphases-graduate-research-fellowship-program

Thoughts? Will this change how you write your application?

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Hi everyone,

I'm excited to join this thread. I just finished my first drafts of the GRFP Research Statement and Personal Statement. Whoa, that was hard! I've lurking last year's GRFP thread, and I'm a bit worried. Firstly, I am a non-traditional student. I graduated with my bachelor's in 2015, and have been working since then. My professional experience is in the real of Tribal government, specifically natural resources, where I developed technical field work and writing skills. I currently work a non-profit organization in community health as a project manager. My experience boils down to lots of grant writing and management. I feel a bit like a fish out of water among folks who haven't had any interruption in their academic journey. Also, I my proposed research is in the intersection of disease ecology and Traditional Ecological Knowledge of indigenous peoples. I've received encouraging responses my former undergrad professors and potential advisors, which is encouraging. In any case, this is quite an overwhelming process and there's so much uncertainly. I hope I'm not the only non-traditional student here and that I can relate to others' experience. Best of luck to everyone! 

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On 8/19/2020 at 11:59 AM, jmillar said:

Thoughts? Will this change how you write your application?

I've definitely been trying to work a QIS application into some of the research proposals; it definitely helps to have a few professors in my department who are active in the field. Only bummer is not having much experience with QIS and what interesting questions there are to address.

I am curious how others are going about choosing subfields? I am very much in an interdisciplinary field (Chem), but the subfields don't fit the normal subfields I've seen in school or even by the American Chemical Society. I've been looking at the subfields awarded last year and will be talking to my advisor about picking a subfield, but looking to hear from some others.

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14 hours ago, mitochondria_1 said:

Hello, I read the solicitation but I am still wondering if the reference section needs to be 12 points or if I could use 11 point for them. Do any of you know??

I received GRFP last year. For the references section, I used size 10 Times New Roman Font and truncated citations (First Author et al. (YEAR) Journal). I put a space between each citation, as opposed to one on each line. Not sure if the rules changed this year, but I had no issues with this format last year.

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