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My chances UCLA + where else should I apply?

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GRE: 161 VR, 150 QR, 4.5 AW

GPA: 3.83

I have one internship and one fellowship under my belt. I've been on the president's honor list for 5/6 semesters. I'm currently doing a one year seminary program at a small institute to learn Arabic, Fiqh, Hadith, and Qur'an studies.

What are my chances for the UCLA Islamic Studies Masters program? Are there any other masters programs for Islamic studies I should apply to?

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I'm in islamic studies but this question is hard to answer as it requires knowledge of ucla in specific. You obviously have as good a chance as anyone. But, some schools can have really small masters programs, limited to a couple students. Others have large masters programs like HDS. That makes a difference. Also, you haven't shared with us what your undergrad major was. 

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