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(MASTERS) Am I Competitive Enough for These Schools?

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So I've been researching schools I would like to apply to this year and am wondering if I am competitive enough to be considered a good applicant. Obviously, just listing stats is a crap shoot to whether or not I will be accepted, but I just want to know which schools are "safeties" (is any school really safe?), matches, and reaches.

  • Undergrad: Top 100 nationally, #101 global (according to US news rankings)
  • Major: Human Biology
  • cGPA (at time of applying): 3.71/4.0
  • Major GPA: 3.77/4.0
  • GRE: Not taking it, only looking into programs who are waiving their GRE requirements

Planned letters of recommendation: My two main letters will come from my mechanisms of disease professor and my research coordinator (bioinformatics). Another will come from either my physics professor or calculus/statistics professor if the school requires 3 letters of rec.

Important/relevant info:

  • Research presented at the annual Lyman Briggs Research Symposium (x2).
  • Research project displayed at the Abrams Planetarium.
  • Deans List (x6).
  • Research experience: About 1 month at the time of applying. I'm also in a Science/Math residential college, so a lot of my classes have been research-based.
  • I've held a part-time job for 3 years during school, and 2 part-time jobs during the summer while taking classes.

Schools I am interested in for their masters program:

  • Boston University - Biology
  • Tufts University - Biomedical Engineering
  • Northeastern University - Biotechnology
  • University College London - Biomedical Sciences MSc
  • New York University - General Biology
  • The City College of New York - Biotechnology
  • Hunter College - Biotechnology
  • Brown University - Biotechnology
  • San Diego State University - Biology
  • University of San Francisco - Biotechnology

I am an OOS applicant for all of these schools, except UCL which I will be an international applicant.

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