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Hello! I need some advice. I want to apply to schools in the US, Canada, and UK, but there's an issue... 

In the US, students must commit to a grad school by April 15th.

In the UK, it seems as though schools may not be releasing decisions until June/July (specifically DClinPsy programs). 

Does anyone have advice for navigating this timing issue? I want to apply in both countries, but that's pointless if I have to either turn down all US programs or commit to one US program before even knowing if I have a place in a UK program.

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I applied to two countries. 

For now, don't worried about things that haven't happened or offers you don't have. When the time comes, you communicate with the programs to see how they can assist with decision deadlines. 

It's not worth your energy to worry about that, use that energy to write stellar applications so that you actually have the problem of having to choose.

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