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3 minutes ago, izzywho said:

Are the financial aid advisors only for incoming students? If not, maybe a current student booked it?

Could also be that something else got booked on their calendar so the slot is no longer available.


1 minute ago, 2021mpamppwait said:

I mean realistically, why would they take appointments the week before decisions  are out? Logically it seems today. But then again, logic is as good of a guess as chaos lol

I imagine they're also financial aid advisors to current students, too, as Izzy suggests. 

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I used to wonder how people fall into Qanon traps on the internet until I started reading this forum. Now I am putting all my faith into a guy named "MPPapplicant69" and his unverified sources. 

I received an email yesterday that I was a CPL Finalist! I’m not sure if they are done sending out notifications - I hope you all hear back soon. 

Y'all are all bonkers, and I love you for it. Fingers crossed!

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1 hour ago, EscapingBrexit said:

If results really do come out today, then I think Matt experimented with his slightly evil side this year. There's good Matt, who informs the world, and bad Matt, who keeps everyone in a minor state of cardiac arrest for weeks. 😅

I'm just so glad I don't work in admissions. 

you made me laugh!

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10 minutes ago, haroldhar said:

LOL- did someone from here book the 3:15PM appointments with the FinAid Counsellors today that were showing available a few minutes ago? Now first appt is tomorrow 10A!

18 march 3.45 pm booking still available

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Just now, MadEye said:

A current student just told me that they're sending out today. Hope the wait ends tonight, else please don't kill me 😅

Name the current student we would find him/her 😄

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