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8 minutes ago, justpeachyspeechy said:

Does anyone know if Mac releases their admission decisions at midnight? Not sure if it’s worth saying up...although idk if I’ll sleep anyways LOL

I heard they do from a friend that applied there previously!

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Hi everyone! Less than 4 hours to go!! I just want to thank all of you for supporting each other through this journey. No matter what the outcome may be for you, we should all be proud of the hard wor

Hi everyone, I got rejected from everywhere I applied to (3 schools) for my first time applying and am so thankful to have had this forum to read throughout the application process. You can try t

Me checking this forum repeatedly even though I know I won't hear anything until April 1st at the earliest. 🤡 🤡 🤡   

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Hey! As it comes closer to the time when the majority of people will be knowing results, thought I'd mention that if anyone wants to add their signature (like mine below) and results to the results page then it can be super useful for both people in this thread and people next year as well! It can help give a rough estimate for people this year on how many people might be declining offers (contributing to waitlist movement) as well as seeing what sorts of stats people had who did/didn't get in can be useful for future applicants, so feel free to use these functions!

If you'd like to add a signature, go to the top right and hit the triangle by your username, then "Account Settings" on the right, then "Signature" on the left, and you can input it there. 

If you wish to add your results, go to the top left and hit "Results" and then "Submit Your Results" from the top of your page. 

Best of luck to everyone! :) 

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8 hours ago, Luck26 said:

I am assuming you guys are anxiously waiting like me. One thing I like to remind myself as someone who has been rejected repeatedly from lots programs is definitely be sad because rejection sucks but also remember the selection process in competitive programs is pretty unfair.

I don't mean that the people who got in didn't deserve it or have a worse application its the fact that because the programs are competitive it pushes the standards way up. Honestly from seeing people on this forums stats and excitement everyone is a good candidate. Even people who have been "rejected" or "waitlisted" would most likely do great in those programs and be successful SLPs if there were more spaces. 

Anyways just remember that a rejection (in most cases) isn't a we reviewed you and thought you wouldn't do well its more that someone else could have had more experience hours, a couple higher GPA points etc. and they had to draw that line somewhere. This is a game of comparisons unfortunately. If you don't get in its good to be thinking about how you can improve your application but know that it was probably pretty excellent to start with so be hard on the system and not yourself 😉

wow !!! First of all thank you SO much for your message !! It really means a lot !!! Not only you're gonna be a good SLP but you're an AMAZING human being for showing this much empathy for people you barely know !!

I wish you all the best !!! 

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10 hours ago, SpeechieWannaB said:


Thanks ❤

I thought I highlighted EDI and honestly, I thought my letter of intent was solid 🤷‍♀️

If anyone is willing to look at my resume and letter of intent to offer some feedback, I'd sure appreciate that! 

The only thing that MAY have been my downfall was the CASPER as I'm not a fast typer. Since they don't ever give you a score, it's difficult to speculate how I did. I will be contacting Vicki in the upcoming weeks to ask for some direct feedback. Unfortunately for me the U of A is my ride or die, unless my husband finds work elsewhere.

We might consider UBC for next app cycle... 

If anyone has any great connections to offer in order to diversify my resume/volunteer opportunities in the Edmonton area (pending COVID getting under control), I'm all ears! 

Best wishes to all of you still waiting! ❤

I'd be happy to look over your resume and letter of intent if you'd like 😊

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10 minutes ago, speech2020 said:

Got into Mac! So happy second time applying :)

yeaaaah !!!! good job girl


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Hey everyone! For me my Western portal is showing a response from them but my ORPAS hasn't updated, so if you're looking to hear back from Western you might want to check the Western portal, not ORPAS (for now anyway). Thought this might help some of you if you're only looking at ORPAS like I was!

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Just now, slp2020ab said:

I got waitlisted on the Western portal, nothing on ORPAS so I'm guessing it's a rejection from UofT.

Hi there, is your Western student center says "waitlist accepted" and a blue square?

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