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I got curious tonight about the conference sessions I've been part of since my first one in 2015. The names of these sessions and their respective conferences are:

2015: Measuring and quantifying cognition - Human-Computer Interaction International Conference (HCIIC)

2017: Rethinking Psychological Theory: Personality, Empathy, and Enactivism - APA Annual Convention 2017

2019: Human-centric Computing - Future of Information and Communication Conference (FICC); The Psychoinformatics of Mixed Reality and Biomimicry (HCIIC)

2020: Self Regulation (HCIIC)

Do you have a "conference identity"? By this, I mean if you have a niche area or kind of session that you present in (or topic that you present on) across conferences. I've mostly been the theoretical psychology, philosophy, and global problem-solving presenter.

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Forgot to add--2018: Meta-Cognition - Thinking About Thought (HCIIC). So, cognition is my most common theme session-wise. I've presented three papers with "Psychoinformatic(s)" in their titles, so that could be said to be my main conference article theme.

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