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2021 Computational Biology/Bioinformatics/Systems Biology PhD Admissions

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ACCEPTED TO UPENN GCB! Wow so excited. 

Got Interview at Tri -I  CBM !! my top choice !!!

Just heard from UCLA (the email came from a specific professor I indicated interest in, which I suppose is why these are being sent at different times?). Congrats and good luck to all!! Penn St

On 12/21/2020 at 4:09 PM, ChagyrskayaNeanderthal said:

Congrats on UCSF, guys!! Can't wait to meet you all there :)

  • Penn State Bioinformatics and Genomics [interview request 12/7]
  • UPenn GCB [interview request 12/8]
  • Princeton QCB [interview request 12/11]
  • UChicago GGSB [interview request 12/16]
  • UCLA Bioinformatics [interview request 12/17]
  • Harvard BBS [interview request 12/18]
  • UNC BBSP [interview request 12/18]
  • UCSC PBSE-BMEB [interview request 12/18]
  • UCSF BMI [interview request 12/21]
  • Emory PBEE [interview request 12/21]
  • Harvard Human Evolutionary Biology
  • UW Genome Sciences
  • UC Berkeley CCB
  • Stanford Biology

I was wondering if you could tell us which one is your dream school?

It seems like you have lots of options, and I was curious which one you'd like to choose.

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