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2021 Computational Biology/Bioinformatics/Systems Biology PhD Admissions

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Yes, I just checked unfortunately I got rejected to UCSF. I did just find out I got into Yale though!! UCSF and Yale were my top choices so I am really happy!!

ACCEPTED TO UPENN GCB! Wow so excited. 

I was just accepted to the HST program at MIT/Harvard!! I can't believe it. Still part of me thinks they made a mistake and accidentally admitted me. 

Just now, evovae said:

Hi everyone, chiming in:

  • Caltech Systems Biology [interview 12/10 and 12/20]
  • Harvard SSQBio [interview 12/18]
  • UCSF Bioinformatics [interview 12/21]
  • Berkeley-UCSF BioE
  • UW MolE
  • Stanford BioE

Congrats, and best of luck!

congrats on all the interviews!!

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Congrats on UCSF, guys!! Can't wait to meet you all there :)

  • Penn State Bioinformatics and Genomics [interview request 12/7]
  • UPenn GCB [interview request 12/8]
  • Princeton QCB [interview request 12/11]
  • UChicago GGSB [interview request 12/16]
  • UCLA Bioinformatics [interview request 12/17]
  • Harvard BBS [interview request 12/18]
  • UNC BBSP [interview request 12/18]
  • UCSC PBSE-BMEB [interview request 12/18]
  • UCSF BMI [interview request 12/21]
  • Emory PBEE [interview request 12/21]
  • Harvard Human Evolutionary Biology
  • UW Genome Sciences
  • UC Berkeley CCB
  • Stanford Biology
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Just heard from UCSF as well! Congratulations everyone, can't wait to meet you all there!

  • Yale - CBB (interview request on 12/17)
  • Princeton - QCB (interview request on 12/12)
  • UCSF - BMI (interview request on 12/21)
  • UCLA - Medical Informatics
  • USC - QCB
  • UCSD - Bioinformatics
  • UC Berkeley - CB
  • UPenn - GCB
  • Harvard - BIG
  • Stanford - BMI
  • MIT - CSB
  • Brown - CB


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On 12/16/2020 at 4:30 PM, Sky_china said:

didn't reach out to every program and every professor I am interesed, especially some big professor with tons of fundings and a really big lab. I don't really want to bother them until I got an invite or admitted maybe. But if I am really inte

me 2, solidarity together :)

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Heard back from UW MCB and UC Denver CB! Best of luck to everyone!

Duke CBB [Interview Invitation 12/16]

Yale CBB [Interview Invitation 12/17]

Princeton QCB [Interview Invitation 12/12]


MIT Biology

University of Washington MCB [Interview Invitation 12/21]

University of Colorado Denver Computational Biosciences [Interview Invitation 12/22]

Georgia Institute of Technology- Bioinformatics

EDIT: Mixed up the dates for UW and UCD - my bad

Edited by Chip, Potato
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50 minutes ago, kaffeinatedkat said:

I do have a master's degree. I am not sure if all the interview emails are out at this point for Princeton. Also for Stanford BMI, they said that they would start to contact people during the week of January 11th in an email they sent earlier.

I am not counting on Princeton to be honest... A little bit too reachy for me, my background and reserach interests is also not very aligned with what they have. They are also very basic science focused.... But I am still suprised how many people here got an invite. Congrats ! big accomplishment. 

I did see someone already posted they got invites from stanford BMI tho....


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7 hours ago, hyl said:

got a reject from UW Genome Sci 😔

Same here, I wonder what they are looking for, so far got 6 interviews and 1 reject.

Hope you got interviews somewhere else 👩‍🔬

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