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CV order question: is it ok to put work experience before research experience?

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Sorry if this has been discussed already, but I was having trouble finding threads that address this. I am applying for an MA in TESOL. I have a pretty extensive undergraduate research record, but none of it is directly relevant to TESOL. My work experience and skills, on the other hand, are quite relevant. Right now, I have the following sections in my CV and this is how I am thinking about ordering them:



Work and Teaching Experience

Skills and Certifications

Research Experience

Publications and Presentations

Honors, Grants and Scholarships


From what I understand, contact info and educational background should always be at the beginning. I've seen a lot of advice suggesting putting research experience afterwards and then work experience, but my work experience is more relevant for the type of degree (it's a non-thesis degree focused more towards work than research). The way I have it ordered now puts my most relevant experience first, but it kind of cuts my academic background into two (education at the beginning and everything else at the end). Any advice? Am I overthinking this or would it be better to keep all of the academic sections together?

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