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I'm planning to apply to a few clinical programs next year to begin in Fall 2022. I'm interested in the MSc at Acadia, PsyD at UPEI, and PsyD at Memorial. I'm hoping someone can provide me with some insight into the importance of undergrad stats grades for these applications. In my intro stats course I got an A+, but only got a B in advanced stats. I've been told by some that a B is not good enough, while others say it is perfectly fine. Should I be concerned about this grade assuming everything else in my application is good? Thanks in advance!

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My experience is they don't normally check individual grades (they may glance at letter grades to get an idea of what your spread is- but again not really going class by class). They may check to see or ask you if you took a particular class, but likely won't ask you what your grade was in it. Even if they did, I don't think a B would make waves- if it was a C or lower it might, but a B will likely be glossed over.

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