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What are some good "saftey" schools?

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Hi everyone!

I am currently applying to PhD programs for biomedical science. I really just need an umbrella program because I have too many interests to confidently apply to a specific program. 

I have a lot of research experience but a 3.4 GPA , but my last two semesters is a 3.7 (adding that in my "additional information" section for applications. 

I have had the same mentor and advisor my full 4 years at undergrad. I have been in independent research with him since my summer sophomore year and currently doing an honors research thesis with him. He is writing my letter of rec, as well as the honors thesis director, and a professor I TA ed  for. 

I don't have any "safety" schools that I'm applying to and honestly don't know where to look. So I was wanting some suggestions on biology umbrella programs. Also if there's even any chance of me getting into UNC chapel hill (advisor is an alum there), University of Arizona Tucson, or Vanderbilt.  

Thanks for your input and help! 

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