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Art History MA 2020

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Anyone submitting applications to MA programs this fall?  Curious as to what people are looking at and focusing on.  Besides Davis and Tulane, which offer full funding, what other programs are good with funding?

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international schools are sometimes cheaper for MA- Courtauld in London is a 10month program that is super cheap even for American students and is very well respected in the US. However, doing virtual at a school abroad sounds like it wouldn't be worth it depending on how things go, so look into if these schls allow deferrals? Also they require you to apply to up to 3 specific concentrations within art history, so you need to be willing to commit to this. Also a good thing to know that is not well advertised is that the first year for art history MA is usually extremely expensive and then the second year is like 10k because you are just doing your thesis and not necessarily taking anymore classes (ex - Williams, Columbia) so they end up being the same as if you went to a school that was only 30-40k/yr but still an expense I know).

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