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Biomedical Science PhD Applicants (Fall 2021)

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I got accepted to NYU Vilcek!!!! It was the only school that gave me an interview and literally all other schools rejected me but I don't care anymore because I am getting my PhD!!!!

Does anyone know how competitive interviews will be this year? I've received 10 invites so far, but decided to decline three offers because I'm still waiting to hear back from a few other program

Hi guys, I hope you don't mind if I rant a bit. I guess this entire cycle has just been really hard. I received my waitlist from BU (where I currently work, got my undergrad and masters degree from AN

1 minute ago, prospective_molbio said:

Do you know if this is specifically for this year because of the pandemic, or just in general going forward? I would think that Harvard has more than enough funding to not change the amount of people they are admitting/hiring...

Probably just for this year. My PI said endowment is normal so not sure why they decided to hire less people. I think BBS historically admit ~100 students so this year it would probably be 80. Hopefully we can see each other at the interview!!!!

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Just now, wiz1810 said:

What's your list? 

Columbia, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Mount Sinai, NYU, Rockefeller, Stanford, UCSF, UPenn, UW

either Immunology or biomedical if they don't have a specific immuno track.

They are alllll top tier schools, but I do have lot of research experience.

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23 minutes ago, prospective_molbio said:

For people who received interviews for Yale's BBS MCGD track, what dates did you receive the interview for? Just wondering if they have only have one interview session or more..

The interview was for Feb 18-20. I think they have they interview dates up on the website in the FAQs, but I am not sure.

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6 hours ago, Research Enthusiast said:

Also, the sad part is many people must be following this thread but very few are actively posting about their interviews, acceptances, and rejections which makes it very hard to get an idea about a particular school's thought process on sending invites. We need more people to actively participate

Ok I’m convinced...I tried to save myself by permanently blocking this site on my laptop but I gave in and now I’m on my phone 😩 


Anyway I have a ton of research & project leadership experience (with papers / strong recs)  - but I have major unavoidable flaws in other aspects of my app. Definitely not a traditional profile lol. So tbh I’m not sure how representative my results are going to be for other people in terms of decisions but maybe it will at least help with planning schedules. 


I applied to UNC BBSP, UVA BIMS, Pitt Systems Bio, Pitt IBGP, Vanderbilt IGP, Duke CMB, Duke Pharmacology, Michigan PIBS (pharm track), UW Madison CMB, UW Madison MCP, and Penn State Biomed Sci


So far I have heard back from: 

UNC - interview 1/28-29

UVA - interview options 1/14-15 or 2/18-19

Pitt SysBio - interview feb 1

Pitt Biomed - interview Jan 14-15

Wisc CMB - interview options 1/15-16, 1/22-23, 2/5-6


I have also heard from friends that Duke Pharm (and therefore also duke molecular cancer bio) is doing interviews Jan 10-12 and 24-26 (but possibly only Jan 11-12 and 25-26, conflicting sources). 


Anyone heard from Duke PCB or CMB, Michigan PIBS, or Vanderbilt IGP? There are some survey results for Vanderbilt but they were invited before the final deadline so I’m wondering if anyone who submitted after the 1st has gotten anything. 

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