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International Development Fall 2021

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I have an offer for the MPhil in Development Studies at Cambridge (UK), but still waiting to hear about financial aid!


Also applied to African Studies at Cambridge and Oxford, and will probably apply for health and development at LSE.


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PhD Application in International Development (and related disciplines)

Hi all! My research interests are multidisciplinary, but mainly focus on the way that sex disaggregated data is collected and used within the field of International Development. I have an MPP, stellar grades at the undergraduate level (3.86), above average grades during my MPP (3.65), and two years of full-time work experience conducting research for an NGO. The programs I've applied to are listed below.

Oxford - DPhil in International Development
LSE - PhD in Social Policy
LSE - PhD in Demography
Edinburgh - PhD in International Development
Graduate Institute (Geneva) - PhD in International Relations/Political Science

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