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UC Davis Political Science Phd

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Hi all,

This is my first post here and I am looking forward for any information on PhD in Political Science at UC Davis.

I am an international applicant from Sri Lanka, applied to their Fall semester 2021.  I have a BA, LLB from London and a Masters in International Relations. I also have work experience as a lawyer and a parliamentary officer at Parliament of Sri Lanka. I applied for the comparative politics sub-field and I am wondering if i will have a chance at all before I start exploring other programs.  If anyone can give me an idea of their acceptance rate and any tips on applying (so I can be better prepared next time, if it ever comes to that) that would be wonderful.

Thank you so much everyone!

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UC Davis is a very strong department and its acceptance rate is low. Even if you had a good chance of getting in (which you may or may not have), you should apply to several other programs. A lot of people here apply to 10+ programs. You don't have to apply to that many - but apply at least to half a dozen or so to maximize your chances. Remember that "fit" is what matters many places. Unfortunately the big deadline is tomorrow on December 15th so either you have to act fast or look at the much smaller pool of programs that have application deadlines on January 15th.

Hope that helps - good luck!

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