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School Psychology PhD 2021

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14 hours ago, sch_psych said:

Hey everyone! Congratulations to all that have gotten into their programs and/or accepted their offers, and good luck to those waiting to hear back from schools! 

Has anyone accepted an offer they've received without funding? As it is, I only got into one of my schools this cycle, and with the deadline approaching, I'm unsure of whether or not to accept. My PIs have told me funding isn't guaranteed, but they will forward me GAship opportunities as they come. The school is a great fit for me, but I've been cautioned against paying for a PhD out of pocket over and over again, and I already have a good amt of student debt from undergrad. But, at the same time, there is the possibility of getting a GAship to cover some of the cost (but I assume not all? I don't know how much graduate assistantships cover), and I don't want to wait and try again next year with how much stress admissions caused me this year! Does anyone have any words of advice, or is maybe in a similar position? It would be much appreciated!

Thanks all!

I was in the same boat but found out recently that I got a 12k fellowship for the first year. I also found an hourly position on campus that pays well enough to afford to live. I have applied for 10 GAships so far (been rejected from 4, no response from the other 6 yet but they all were completed in the last week). This means that my Out of state tuition will be around 12-14k for the first year. 

I would have likely accepted the offer without the fellowship though because I only received one other offer of admission and that one was guaranteed no funding (did not get allocated a GA for the first year). 

Indiana University has been super helpful and helped me find the 10 GAships I applied for (and even the hourly position) and historically only 1 student in the last 3 years has gone unfunded their first year (and they were a veteran with GI Bill tuition). I figured that if I had to take out some graduate loans for the first year in order to apply to my dream program it would be worth it. 

Admissions was super stressful for me this cycle and I don't know how my chances would change much next year considering most of my dream programs do not promise funding but only have a good track record of finding it (for the first year). 

If you still have time (2 days) I would see about reaching out to current students to inquire about the likelihood of you finding funding for at least 4 years in the program. I also have some considerable debt from undergrad and can only reasonably take out another 20-30k worth of loans. 

I know people have discouraged others from taking unfunded PhD offers but, in our field, especially in this cycle it is hard for most applicants to get into fully funded programs. Only 10-15 of the 60+ PhD programs in our field guarantee funding. What if the PIs at those universities do not share our research or career interests or what if only 2-3 of them have faculty we would want to work with (and we don't get in) ?

Please don't feel bad about taking an unfunded or not guaranteed funding offer (as I am sure others are in similar situations) 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi everyone. Sorry, I am so late. I really needed to take a break from this entire experience. I just wanted to let you guys know that I chose Syracuse and let go of the University of Cincinnati. I really liked both schools and whoever is going to Cincinnati good luck! It is a fantastic program with fantastic people.

Everyone good luck in starting your new journey. For those who are planning to apply again next year or not, everyone has their own journey and it starts at their own pace. So, don't give up, you guys got this and I wish you all the luck! I am also open to helping anyone next year because this journey was extremely hard, so don't be afraid to reach out. (Its important that you don't go through this alone)😊 

Also, for those of you who I spoke to personally and remember from interviews I hope we can stay in touch.😬

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