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Civil Engineering Direct PhD: Applied to 6 Universities

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Undergrad GPA: 8.5/10.0 ( WES: 4/4) from (NIT Jaipur)

TOEFL: 103

GRE: waived 

Research Experience:

1. Summer fellowship research program(IIT-Delhi), 2020 (Digital Image Processing)

2. HydroSense Lab, IIT Delhi (Machine Learning Application in Civil)

3. Winter Internship IIT (BHU), Computational Structural Engineering 


Presented my paper at ASCE International Conference as first Author.


4 : 2 - research Supervisor, 2 -  College Professors  (All: Moderate to Strong)

SOP: No Quotes, No Story, research dense (All questions answered through previous experience) 



2. University of Florida

3. Northeastern University

4. CMU

5. Purdue University

6. Johns Hopkins University

7. University of Houston - Pending

Got Kinda +ve replies before applying from UIUC, Purdue, University of Florida and Houston.

They said: We liked your profile, recommend/encourage you to reply, etc. 

What do you think about the list, is it too ambitious ?


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Hi! Congrats on your Purdue acceptance!

I also applied to a few of these universities for a direct PhD. So far, it seems as if it is quite difficult to get the direct PhD offer. I have mainly received MS offers, although I was aiming for direct PhD :(

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