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Canadian PhD applications!

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1 hour ago, becalmbekindbesafe said:

That Guelph program seems cool! Never heard of it. Good luck with your coming admissions!

It does sound really cool! Its a brand-new program.  The first cohort was accepted last year :)

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Heard back from Western today - got accepted with funding!! Thats the only Canadian school I applied to, but hopefully the rest of you hear back from the other places soon enough

Got accepted into Calgary - PhD/Social Sciences. They said official acceptance letter and funding details will come later. Waiting to hear from - McMaster, York, SFU and McGill.

I also appear to have been accepted - but no letter.  So my guess is that the portal updates can be done by a bulk list, but the individual letters need to uploaded individually

On 3/1/2021 at 11:59 AM, becalmbekindbesafe said:

Pretty sure I'm in for a PhD at York as my status now reads "Admitted"..... anyone know who how we can view the letter? It says there should be a column that says I should see, "1.  Your offer letter can be found in "Admission Letters" in MyFile." but I do not see this. Perhaps it will help to get a notification from the grad coordinator later (quite surprised this didn't happen before the portal was updated). 


Hi, I just got recommended for an offer to University of Waterloo PhD program today. May I ask how long you have to wait for the official offer? Thanks!

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1 hour ago, Pusat94 said:

You should send an e-mail to UVİC. That's how I learned my rejection.

Sorry to hear that! I emailed them about 10 days ago and they said no decision had been made about my application even though some admissions and some rejections had already gone out. I might wait a bit more before emailing again. 

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