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PhD in NT chances?

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Here's my info:

  • BS in Cognitive Science at UC San Diego, 3.8 GPA.  
  • 2 publications in neuroscience and psychology journals but no publications related to theology or biblical studies yet. 
  • MDiv from Bethel Seminary, 3.96 GPA.
  • GRE: 165V, 160Q.
  • I've worked as a Greek TA (where I led a weekly review group) and a TA for 3 professors (2 NT and 1 systematic theology) at my seminary.  
  • I think my letters of reference will be fairly strong but it's hard to know for sure.  
  • as far as awards, I won a Cognitive Science teaching award when I was an undergrad TA and I was a finalist in a preaching competition during seminary.
  • at the time of application, I will have worked as a pastor for 3 years.
  • I'm a woman, if that makes a difference :)

Do I have a chance of getting into any of these schools for NT studies: Duke, Notre Dame, PTS, Drew, Wheaton, Fuller or Baylor?




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I personally think with "diversity" being a big push these days being a woman wouldn't be a bad thing. I think you have a good chance at Fuller and Wheaton. I'm not sure about Duke but please do apply. Does Baylor offer a PhD in New Testament? I have looked into their PhD in the Sociology of Religion.

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On 1/23/2021 at 11:28 PM, ALT1991 said:

Do I have a chance of getting into any of these schools for NT studies: Duke, Notre Dame, PTS, Drew, Wheaton, Fuller or Baylor?


I would say your stats are definitely strong, but to have a chance at some of those schools (at least the first three you listed) you'll almost certainly need an additional masters such as a ThM from that type of school (i.e., a "top tier" divinity school or similar). Even at somewhere like Baylor, the majority of students who are admitted come from such schools (Duke, Emory, PTS, etc.).

You probably have a shot at Fuller without an additional degree, but funding is terrible.

Also keep in mind that at some of these schools (at least Baylor and Wheaton I think), NT is paired with HB/OT as a cognate field so strong Hebrew is a must. You mentioned Greek but not Hebrew so I'm not sure how you are in that area.

I imagine you know this, but remember that your stats are only what opens the door for your application to be considered, and that what's ultimately crucial for admission is how the committee perceives your fit with their program. It's possible you'd be a good fit for all the schools you listed, but you might not be. Be sure your research interests match with what a school offers before wasting time and money applying.

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