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Things really do happen for a reason (rejected from all biology programmes)

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okay to start off I'm an international student from the UK. I applied to 4 biology programmes this year and was pretty disappointed because it was my dream (Still is!) to do a PhD. I guess I felt that I didn't want to be behind or wasting my time if I didn't get in this year...HOWEVER... I had a low key epiphany the other day and have decided that within my year out to do an internship in another country. At first I wanted to go on holiday and just relax and reapply next year cause this past year has been rough on my mental health and just this whole panoramic its been a wild ride. BUT i figured out why not go to a different country and intern in a lab so essentially I can be on holiday in a place I like but also do something that will help my CV and will benefit me for the next cycle!

Not only this, but this past summer I spent a lot of time on LinkedIn reaching out to people and i reached out to a couple of people yesterday just updating them and someone from Horizon discovery in SD asked for my resume so he could pass it to the head of his research lab! im not sure anything will come out of it but thought it was really nice of them! like damn networking really does pay off lol 

But anyways, for anyone feeling discouraged this year, it's been a super competitive year, more so than previous year and everything really will work out! Feel free to DM me to connect on twitter or linked in! Always happy to share advice! 

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