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Hello, everyone.

I'm a full-time high school English teacher, and although I love my job, I still want to pursue a PhD in English. I was just wondering if you could provide your feedback and thoughts on pursuing a PhD part-time? 

I have a master's degree in humanities from NYU, and I was on the fence about going back for a second MA. It seems really costly. Still, my ultimate goal is the PhD. I'm very interested in Temple University, which is in Philadelphia. It says on their website that the department does allow students to pursue the degree part-time, so long as the degree is completed within 7 years.

What are your thoughts on this? A part of me was telling myself to go for it, but I feel a bit worried, too. I'd appreciate any feedback. Thank you in advance. 

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1 hour ago, LittleShakespeare90 said:

Oh yes, of course. Funding is really important to me. I actually just posted a new topic. I got an acceptance letter to another university, and I was wondering if I should take it and pursue the degree part-time. 



Okay, that's good. I haven't looked at your other thread but I will say this: keep in mind that most full-time PhD programs nowadays take about 6 years, so I'm not sure what completing a part-time PhD in 7 years would look like. Have you spoken to anyone in the department or admin staff? What happens if you end up needing more than 7 years? 

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