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UC3M(2mphil+3Ph.D.), Can I survive without real analysis

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Hey guys,

I received full funded offer from UC3M and offer from EME(1y). I'm also waiting for Duke, Tufts, Ut austin, RoME-EIEF, Cemfi, Tinbergen and etc. 

I really took the convenience of transfering to Ph.D. with only passing the qualifying test in UC3M a great advantage(also has to achieve 7+for each course in grade 1 and average 7+for 2 years Mphil period). But I have to admit that my math is not solid, I have not took real analysis course and applied directly as a Chinese undergraduate. Since the qualification test happened in first year, I am afraid that without a foundation in real analysis, I can not survive.

I can take hard work but if it is so hard perhaps I should wait for other pure master program like RoME-EIEF,Tufts, Ut austin.

Does anyone know 1st year Ph.D. student who has similar weak math background? What about their performance? 

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I'm not in economics but I have a hard time imagining how real analysis would be applicable. Calculus, yes, but real analysis is more of a rigorous proof-based logic course than an applied computation course. I have never run into a practical situation where I thought "hmm, a delta-epsilon proof would really elucidate things here". 

That being said, real analysis is not a difficult course, and it's great training for logical thinking. Even if I don't directly apply knowledge from that class to my research, it's been useful in structuring my thoughts and making my logic more rigorous. I think of it as pushups for the brain. 

Anyways, take my opinion with a grain of salt as I'm not in economics. 

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