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Where would you go for computational biology / bioinformatics?

Where would you go for computational biology / bioinformatics?  

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  1. 1. Which one?

    • CMU-Pitt (Comp. Bio.)
    • Oregon Health and Science University (BME)
    • UC Santa Cruz (PBSE BMEB)
    • UCSF (Bioinformatics)
    • UCLA (Bioinformatics)
    • WashU in St. Louis (CSB)

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I sort of have equal but separate interests in gene regulation and cancer genomics...I suspect this decision will also represent picking between the two. With that said, I'd love to hear which program you guys would pick and why! It's so hard to figure things out based only on a virtual visit...

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Congrats! You have a lot of great options! I can't say about others but will comment on CMU vs UCLA

I got an offer from CMU-Pitt CB, and interviewed at UCLA Bioinformatics (unfortunately my research interests do not overlap with the emphases of either CPCB or UCLA, and I decided to go to somewhere else)

From the stipend vs. living cost perspective, CPCB is much better because Pittsburgh is not an expensive place and the stipend offered by CPCB is great.

I feel CMU students generally spend more time on research than students in the other programs. From a work-life balance perspective it's not great, but from a research perspective it could be productive. Also anything CS-related is really great in CMU.

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You can focus on gene regulation at any program.    Any program can lead to a career in cancer genomics.

Out of your list I would select UC Santa Cruz, but I am from NorCal and have bias towards redwoods, hiking, Monetary Bay, and their mascot is the slug. UCSC was a major player in the human genome project, too. 


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