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Mental Health Counseling Masters: BU School of Med vs. Penn GSE?

Help me decide!  

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  1. 1. BU or UPenn?

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Hi, everyone! Would really appreciate any insight or advice as I struggle with my grad school decision.

I got in to both of my top masters programs: Boston University School of Medicine and Penn GSE. I love both schools so much, and am really struggling to decide where to go.

I like that BU's program is in their medical school and is CACREP accredited. I also really could see myself living in Boston. 

But then UPenn is UPenn, and I would get two masters in two years. I haven't heard much about living in Philadelphia, so that's really my only worry. 

If you have any advice or insight into either of these programs or cities, I would really appreciate it! Thanks!!

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Which will leave you with less debt? Counselors don't make a ton, so you you want a ton of debt.

Also, the licensing requirements for counselors differ from state to state, so programs typically conform to the state they are in. I would think about what states you would want to potentially live and practice in and double check which of these 2 (if not both) will meet eligibility for licensure in those states. 

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