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Hello All! 

I have read many insightful posts on the topic of IR grad programs and was hoping we could revisit for 2021? 

My options:

-SAIS ($2k/year scholarship)

-GW - Security Policy Studies Program ($14k/year scholarship) 

-Fletcher ($15k/year scholarship)

(Shoutouts: American ($15k/year sch) and Texas A&M (significantly the cheapest option) 

I want to study Gender, Peace, and Security with a regional focus in the Middle East. I’m interested in working for the State Department or an international agency.

Everyone is pushing me towards Johns Hopkins (despite the hefty bill) because of the name recognition/connections in DC.

Does anyone have a say either way? As a female POC, I’m excited to study this topic but want to make sure I’m embarking in a program that has a supportive community, not just a luxe school name. 

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Hi there! I'm making a similar decision this year, and I definitely think there are more benefits to SAIS than just prestige- their program is known for being really serious and quant-heavy, which can help with hireability after graduation, especially in DC. Anecdotally, the one SAIS student I know is also a woman of color. 

But if you're headed for State, GW or Fletcher are great too! The Diplomat in Residence at my alma mater went to Fletcher, and she's a former ambassador- and a black woman too. Cost of living might also be cheaper, as Fletcher is a bit outside of Boston. I've also heard Tufts has a more community, college-campus feel compared to the more urban GW or SAIS. And GW has hella US government connections, so definitely great for State internships. 

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