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Hello Everyone! 

I am hoping to get some thoughts on a few grad programs I have been admitted to for International Affairs / Human Rights. I would so appreciate any insights people have! 

Money is a huge factor. I graduated undergrad with no debt, and have about 30k in savings, but I know I don't want to take on a ton of debt since non-profit work isn't particularly lucrative. I also assume about 12k / year will be needed for housing.

My options:

-Fletcher / Tufts, MGA ($9k scholarship) full program cost is ~80k 

-BU Pardee, MAIA ($24k scholarship - waiting to find out about a full tuition FLAS scholarship) full program cost is ~105k

-Middlebury Institute, MIPD ($40k scholarship) full program cost is ~85k

- University of Minnesota, MA Human Rights (waiting on FA offer)

-Korbel School, MA Intl Human Rights ($16k scholarship)

-IHEID, MA in Development Studies (no scholarship) full program cost is only ~18k

Waiting on McGill and Northeastern.

I was wondering what people have heard about the MGA program at Fletcher? I know it is a first-year program, but at the moment it is my top choice. It is much more affordable than the MALD (although still SO expensive) and allows you to focus deeply on one specialization rather than studying 2 specializations less in-depth. I applied to the program as a full-time student, but am hoping to switch my status to part-time to make it more financially viable. I am slightly nervous about one aspect, which is that parts of Fletcher's alumni community publicly posted about their outrage of the creation of the MGA program, as they saw it as "cheapening" their MALD degrees. I see it as expanding accessibility, but I'm not sure how this could impact my relationships / job prospects with the alumni community, which is one of Fletcher's big draws. 

Finally, does anyone have any advice on appealing financial aid offers? I really love fletcher, but I don't know if its worth taking out a 50k loan for this program, if I'm not able to work part-time throughout.

Thank you so much for any insights you have!

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If money is a huge factor, you should go with the one that costs the least. While I love Fletcher, I don't think it's worth being in debt as the ROI for non-profit is simply too low. Same goes with other top programs, SAIS, SIPA, Georgetown..etc

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