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Warning: Avoid UIUC chemistry

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Prospective students deserve to how this chemistry department treats graduate students. The following is a non exhaustive list of events that have happened in the last five years. 

  • Students sexually assaulted by lab members in at least 2 labs. PIs know, but no negative consequences for the rapists.
  • A few labs do not follow their own published protocols because the published protocols are made up.
  • One lab uses alarm clocks that shake their whole bed to wake up because the students are so sleep deprived
  • PI shaved someone's head against their will when the student wanted to leave lab in the afternoon to get a haircut
  • PIs involved in hiring new professors said the women faculty candidates were nowhere as good as the men faculty candidates and interviewing women was just for show
  • Screaming at students in their offices
  • PIs don't wear masks while talking to their students during COVID
  • Fume hood doors broke in synthetic lab. Department did not fix even after multiple maintenance requests. Department only fixed when students complained on twitter. Many of the hallways near synthetic labs smell like solvent because the hoods are so outdated.
  • 50% of the graduate student population reports being depressed. No efforts made to alleviate this.
  • Informing students that they must come in to work during the polar vortex or they'll need to use their vacation days
  • Informing students during the COVID pandemic that there are work requirements and warning students that stipends can be revoked if they do not work their normal hours. The department also refuses to provide face masks for students.
  • Gender favoritism in terms of who passes candidacy in certain labs
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